Complimentary Instant Gift Certificates

Complimentary Instant Printable Gift Certificates
This is an add-on feature included with our core system which can also be used as a stand-alone. Easily email, text, or print a Complimentary Instant Gift Certificate for what ever occasion or reason. It's the perfect solution for charity events, contest prizes, unsatisfied customers, or any reason where a quick comp gift certificate can help solve a problem. Comp Gift Certificates are also an easy marketing tool to get good customers back in the door.
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Complimentary Gift Certificate Features:

  • Send digital comp gifts via email, text message, or just print and hand out.
  • Track and manage redemption balances with all the same features as our instant gift certificates.
  • Quickly scan the QR code, using any phone or tablet with a camera, to quickly validate and redeem.
  • Complimentary certificates are customize with your Brand/Logo.
  • Set the certificate terms and conditions however you like.
  • Reports and data exports available for easy management.
  • Since no money is exchanged you can create comp gifts for as little as $0.40 per certificate.

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