Instant Gift Certificate FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Instant Gift Certificate Sales and Management System:

Having a page on your website instructing customers to call your business to purchase is NOT the same as offering actual online sales where the order, payment, and fulfillment is automated online! Some people may call, but you are missing out on the millions of online shoppers that expect the convenience of ordering online and printing an instant gift certificate. Also, 40% of all online gift certificates through our system are purchased after normal business hours. Not to mention the time you will save you or your staff from fielding these calls. The average labor & shipping costs to take a phone call, manually process payment, package, and ship out a physical envelope with a gift certificate is around $7.00. These days it's simply to easy to click to a competitors website...and then you have lost a sale. Our shopping cart system can be easily added to any page of your website in just 5 minutes to begin accepting secure online gift certificate orders.
Yes! Our system allows you to offer your customers the conveience of purchasing gift certificates online that can be sent via email, text message, or printed instantly. You can also offer your current physical gift card/certificates that you ship yourself. You can even offer both and let your customer decide which they prefer.
We offer a full Digital Gift Certificate Sales and Managemanet System. Each printable certificate has a unique trackable number. When you are presented with a printed certificate you just login to your account with us to check that the certificate # is valid and the remaining balance. Simply enter the value used during that visit and you are all set. Certificate's QR code can be easily scanned with the camera app of any modern phone for easy lookup. You can even validate and redeem certificates via text message from any phone.
Yes! Easy to use controls allow you to offer an across the board discount for all purchases, or choose to discount based on a specific dollar amount. For example offer discounts like: "Get 10% off when you order $100 or more!"" or "Get 10% off all orders!". We also offer a BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotional feature so you can setup something like "For every $100 get a FREE $10 certificate."
Yes! Our Special Deals feature allows you to quickly setup limited time offers similar to Groupon or those other Deal of the Day websites. Limit by date or by the number deals you wish to sell. This is a great tool for helping to drive new business through your doors or to just promote a special limited time offer. Each Special Deal has a unique link that you can use on your website, in an email, or on your social media site so customers can purchase just that special deal. Even if you don't use our system for Instant Gift Certificates you can still use this as a stand alone feature. View more info on our Special Deals feature.
Yes! Our Special Deals feature allows you to easily import a list of your POS certificate numbers to be included with each deal certificate. This helps make deal redemption in your own system super easy. View more info on our Special Deals feature.
Yes, in most cases we can help you move your outstanding gift data to our system so that you don't have to maintain two platforms. Please contact us to review your options at 1-800-410-8103.
Don't worry we got you covered! You don't need to know anything about online security because we handle all of that for you. We have the best support in the business! We offer in-app chat support, email, and you can call us 800-410-8103.
We provide you with a full online certificate sales and management system. So not only are you selling gift certificates and deals with our platform but we are also storing and managing your outstanding gift balances. Our fee structure is based on a pay for performance model, so you only pay fees when you are making money which is the perfect match due to the seasonal nature of gift certificate sales throughout the year.
Yes! You own your customer and order data. Quickly export a comma delimited .CSV file with the purchaser or gift recipient email and mailing address to easily be imported into your email marketing system.
For Instant Gift Certificates, we take care of everything! Our system generates and delivers the instant digital certificate. You will receive a copy of the certificate that is sent via email. The gift recipient will print the Instant Certificate and present it at your store just like a physical gift certificate or card.

For physical gift cards, you will receive an email with all the order details. This email is your packing slip and your cue to ship the gift card to the shipping address listed on the receipt. NOTE: You must provide the physcial gift cards if you enable this options.
Our system securely transmits customer payments through your online merchant account. We support Stripe & Square Merchant accounts (Square is currently only available for US businesses) . They both offer fixed rates across all card types, no setup fees, and no fixed monthly fees. Your funds go directly into your merhcant account in real-time to be automatically transfered to your bank every two business days.
In general a dollar amount gift certificate would not have sales tax added but you can enable sales tax for specific packages and services gift certificate purchases as well as Special Deals.
Yes, you can create as many additional staff logins to your account as you need. You can also set various permission levels to limit the access of what a staff member can view or change.
Yes, our system allows you to track which location an instant gift certificate is redeemed and we provide reporting to give you the redemption amounts for each locations by date range.
No, you need to supply your own physical gift cards or gift certificates. If you don't have an existing gift card system then our Instant Printable Gift Certificates sounds like the perfect solution for you!
Since you are collecting payment, you can establish a return policy that meets your business needs. You have the ability to refund payments back to your customers credit card via our system. If a customer loses an instant gift certificates then you can easily print or resend via email or text in your account. You are responsible for resolving customer complaints for lost or stolen cards and refunds due to customers dissatisfied with your services. We recommend clearly posting your refund policy on your website and using the Terms area that our system provides.
The max length of our instant gift certificate number is 13 characters. Perfect if you need to enter into most point of sale systems.
Yes! Our Complimentary Instant Gift Certificate feature allows you to easily & quickly email, text, or print instant gift certificates for any dollar amount or custom offer (i.e. "One 60 Minute Massage", "One Free Appetizer", or even "10% off your next visit"). It's the perfect solution if you need to make an unsatisfied customer happy, as a marketing tool to get a good customer to come back, or to send a customer or friend a birthday gift certificate without charging your credit card. You can manage comp gifts the same way you manage regular orders in our system. Comp orders are not subject to our standard per order percentage fees but instead use a credit system called "Cafe Credits" that can be purchased for less than $1 per credit. Each credit is good for one certificate of any value.
Yes! With our Phone Order Instant Gift Certificate feature you can collect payment over the phone and then use our system to easily email or text an Instant Gift Certificate in just a few seconds. All for a fraction of the cost of mailing out physical gift certificates or gift cards. You can also easily print out gift certificates for in-store orders too! Manage phone order gifts the same way you manage regular orders in our system. Phone order gifts are not subject to our standard per order percentage fees but instead use a credit system called "Cafe Credits" that can be purchased for less than $1 per credit. Each credit is good for one certificate of any value.
Yes, our system fee is separate from your merchant's credit card processing fees. However, keep in mind that when a customer comes into your business today and pays with a credit card you pay a merchant processing fee. So really the only additional fees you are paying for offering online gift certificates would be our system since a merchant fee would be involved in-store or online. We provide you with a full online certificate sales, promotion, and management system. Businesses using our system average a 25% increase in gift certificate sales per year. Since on average 30% of gift certificates are never redeemed our per order fees are insignificant compared to the benefit.
Our system is designed to be a stand-alone system for selling and managing your digital gift certificates at a physical location. However, we do offer a simple API with "Check Balance" & "Redeem" services so that you can integrate with your online store or custom application. We also offer manual order data export options as well. Contact us if you would like more information.

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