Integrations with 3rd Party or Custom Systems

Our system is designed to be a stand-alone system for selling and managing online gift certificates. However if you need to enter certificate data into another system we do offer both manual data exports and real-time HTTPS POST options. Contact us if you need more information.

What you need to know about HTTPS Post option.

We submit the order data to you via HTTPS POST (typically used for receiving an HTML form submission). This method allows you to feed instant gift certificate order data into your existing POS or back office system in real-time. Obviously this will require development work on your end to accept the HTTPS Post data into your system properly. For PCI compliance and security we do not post customer credit card data.

We also offer two optional custom fields that can be used to pass your back office system's account/ID #'s or you can use it to pass a key phrase/password for validating or accepting data into your form handler.

Data Post Fields:

  • giftcafe_vendornum - our unique client id number (max 11 char)
  • order_number - unique instant gift certificate order number (max 13 char)
  • order_timestamp - order date & time in 0000-00-00 00:00:00 format
  • recipient_first_name - gift recipient first name
  • recipient_last_name - gift recipient last name
  • recipient_email - gift recipient email
  • gift_description - gift or package description (i.e. Instant Gift Certificate or 1 hr Massage Instant Gift Certificate)
  • gift_to_message - gift to message (max 30 char)
  • gift_from_message - gift from message (max 30 char)
  • gift_message - gift message or note (max 200 char)
  • gift_amount - instant gift dollar value
  • gift_tip - instant gift included gratuity value
  • gift_discount - order discount value
  • gift_tax - order sales tax value
  • gift_total - total order charge
  • billing_first_name - buyers first name
  • billing_last_name - buyers last name
  • billing_email - buyers email
  • billing_phone - buyers phone number (max 12 char)
  • billing_address - buyers billing address
  • billing_address2 - buyers suite or apt billing address
  • billing_city - buyers billing city
  • billing_state - buyers billing state
  • billing_zip - buyers billing zip code

  • custom1 - optional custom data (max 55 char)
  • custom2 - optional custom data (max 55 char)