• New Enhancement: Contactless Payments

    Our Payment Request feature has always been a contactless payment solution but now many businesses are finding this feature essential to getting back to work. With all this increased usage of Payment Requests we collected tons of feedback from business owners on how to make it even easier for you and your customers. Check out the how to video to learn how Payment Request contactless payments can help your business.
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    July 2020
  • COVID-19 Update

    We have been flooded with feedback from business owners who are receiving very generous support from their loyal customers in the form of online gift certificate purchases during the COVID shutdown. It is great to see people/communities rally together to help small businesses that are struggling. We also heard that customers want to make a donations to help their favorite local small business and their staff. In response we quickly launched a Make a Donation shopping cart to use FREE of charge for all clients on our platform. Hopefully this new donation tool along various system discounts will assist in helping small businesses make it through these challenging and uncertain times.

    March 2020
  • New: Refer & Earn Program

    When business owners realize just how much using our system helps their business to grow and increase revenues the first thing they tend to do (along with jumping for joy) is to tell other business owners. We appreciate all those business to business referrals but we also want to hook you up for helping to spread the word. That is why we are excited to launch our easy to use Refer & Earn Program which is exclusive to current customers. You can learn more in your account.

    March 2020
  • New Enhancement: Bonus Feature

    We like starting the new year off right by launching highly requested features. Our new Bonus feature is a great alternative to discounting by offering an additional fixed or percentage bonus value added to your gift certificate purchase. With this feature you can easily offer promotions like: "Get a $15 BONUS added to your certificate!", or "For every $100 you get a $15 BONUS added to your certificate!", or "Get a 20% BONUS added when you buy a certificate for $100 or more!"
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    January 2020


  • New Enhancement: BOGO Match Dollar for Dollar

    Just in time for Black Friday we launched dollar for dollar Buy One Get One. For example, buy a $100 certificate get a $100 certificate for Free. Use this feature wisely my friend! This rounds out our existing BOGO Offer features which already include: Fixed (ex. Get a Free $25 certificate with any purchase.); Tiered (ex. For every $100 purchase get a Free $25 certificate.); and Triggered (ex. Get a Free $25 certificate when you buy a certificate for $100 or more.).
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    November 2019
  • New High Dollar Plan Option

    Our new "Plan #3 - Fixed" is now available! We specifically designed the pricing model of this plan to better align with high dollar gift businesses like Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Med Spas, Auto Detailers, Travel Tours, or any business where gift certificate transactions average $100 or more.

    August 2019
  • New Enhancement: Custom Certificate Images

    One of the goals for the digital certificate redesign earlier in the year was to allow for more, yet subtle, certificate customization. The new, and highly requested, Certificate Background Image feature allows you to select from several shadow/ghosted background images to give your certificates a little flare that works for you.

    July 2019
  • New Enhancement: New Certificate Design

    Starting the new year off right with several requested updates and enhancements like...Fresh digital certificate redesign with multi-device support; Evergreen certificate urls for easy customer printing and reference; Certificate #'s added in Stripe for easy payment reference; Australia date format support on certificates.

    January 2019


  • New Feature: Special Deal Templates

    Creating a limited time offer, like a Groupon, to help drive sales is now easier than ever with our new deal templates feature. Select a Deal Template similar to what you want and then edit as needed! This is a quick way to get you started with the most common deal types that most businesses use to help boost sales when needed.
    How to Videos

    August 2018
  • New Enhancement: Redeem via Text

    Validate and redeem certificates via text message! It doesn't get any easier than sending a simple text message to look up a certificate balance and redeem. No login or app to install. Just register your mobile number in your account to get started.
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    February 2018
  • New Enhancement: Square Payments

    We are now integrated with Square as a payment processor! Square works with all types of businesses and provides the tools you need to start, run and grow. It’s easy to get started- there are no monthly fees or long-term commitments. Accept payments online and pay one flat rate per transaction. This option is currently only available to US businesses.

    January 2018


  • New Certificate Scanner App

    We are excited to launch our FREE companion app for your account with TheGiftCardCafe.com. Use this app to easily scan the codes on your gift certificates for fast validation and easy redemption. Available now in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    How to Videos

    November 2017
  • New Merchant Dashboard

    We are excited to launch the newly designed Merchant Dashboard which gives business owners easy access to all system features and functions on all devices.

    October 2017


  • New Feature: Flash Sale

    Just in time for the BIG Holiday gift giving season we are excited to release the last new feature of the year! Our system offers many different discount and promotional features but this one is so simple and useful that we almost overlooked it. You can now easily enable a "Flash" sale for specific package/service gift certificates with just a few clicks.
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    November 2016
  • New Feature: Import Deal POS #

    We have made Special Deals easier for Restaurants, and others, to manage in their own POS. Just like Groupon, you can now easily import a list of your POS certificate numbers to be included with each deal certificate. Like all features in our system, you are in full control so you can import and manage your custom deal numbers on the fly with ease giving you freedom to launch new deals when you want...nights, weekend, and holidays.
    How to Video

    October 2016
  • More LOVE from partner Click4Time

    Click4Time Appointment Booking Software just released another great video showing how easy it is to integrate TheGiftCardCafe.com with your Click4Time Online Appointment Booking Calendar. They also show step by step how to use our Special Deals feature and their integration with Mail Chimp to generate more revenue for your business. Prefect for Mother's Day!
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    April 2016
  • New Feature: Make a Payment & Payment Requests

    This add-on feature offers two easy ways to collect and track client payments online:
    1. Add a Make a Payment button to your website so your clients can easily make online payments to pre-pay for services or for whatever reason.
    2. Create custom Payment Requests (like a digital invoice) that you can quickly send via text or email to a client so they can pay online for services or for whatever reason.
    How to Video

    March 2016


  • New Feature: Send Certificates via Text

    We just launched the ability for your customers to send instant gift certificates via Text Message in addition to the standard email or print options! This feature gives your business a competitive edge over the competition by allowing your customers to choose the way they want to send & receive gift certificates. Sending a text certificate ensures delivery and is a great alternative or backup to email since most people always have their phone handy.

    June 2015
  • Appointment Booking, Gift Certificates & Social Media

    Click4Time Appointment Booking Software put together a great video showcasing the perfect example of a client who has properly integrated instant gift certificates and online booking into their website. This video also shows how TheGiftCardCafe.com and Click4Time.com work perfectly together to help your business increase sales. View Video Now

    April 2015
  • New Feature: Facebook Call-To-Action

    Facebook's new Call-To-Action feature allows you to post a "Shop Now" button on top of your business profile picture. We created a special dynamic page that helps you take full advantage of the FREE marketing feature.
    How to Video

    February 2016


  • New Enhancement: Flat Dollar Discounts

    Flat dollar amount discounts have been added to both the general discount and promo code features. For example, create a Promo Code to give "$15 off when you buy $100 or more". This new addition along with standard percentage discounts, percentage promo codes, BOGO, and Special Deals fully rounds out our suite of promotional discount options.

    October 2014
  • New Enhancement: Stripe Payments

    We now support Stripe as a payment processor! Stripe offers the same, if not more, professional merchant account features as other leading processors but with NO monthly fees and competitive processing rates.

    April 2014

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